#youth - Film Book

Original Story/Screenplay/Direction : Seiichi Hishikawa 「#youth」-THIS IS OUR GENERATION.- 
Love and hate mingle, the insanity of youth comes and goes. Five teenagers wearing helmets approach, in hand a big flag emblazoned, "MY GENERATION." The young man closest roars into his bullhorn, "We were afraid of what they thought of us! We conformed to keep them happy! We lost what mattered to us! They talk about the good old days as if we care! Hey, grownups, are you listening? This is OUR TIME! We decide OUR FUTURE!"
With that proclamation, they charged into the line of riot police.
And like fireworks receding into the night, youth vanished.                                                                                                  

原案・脚本・監督 菱川勢一「#youth」                                                                                                                                                                                                 

登場人物6人の青春という儚きリアルな姿をsatoshi watanabeが撮り下ろしたPhoto Book

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